onsdag 13. april 2016

Android app for weather and local air quality - now updated with feedback UI!

For my BA project I'm making a contextual app for Android 2.3+ that targets the users context (time and place). It shows the forecast and weather now as well as local air quality.

Weather is shown for the entire globe where as the air quality is limited to stations in Norway. It uses my service bus that runs on a LEMP server with Redis for key/value storage.

My App asks my servicebus for the closest stations, the service bus runs geospatial queries and then query the API's if it's not already stored in Redis.

The user can then enrichen the data by submitting how the local weather is, as some times it's not the closest station that is most correct (maybe you live at a different elevation, maybe there is a mountain between you and the closest station or other factors that would mean that other stations should be weighted above the closest ones.).

Current data sources:

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