mandag 29. februar 2016

Redis service bus for API calls

Redis service bus for API calls means that I can store the
users context (geo fence) as a time+place context.
Instead of having all the users query the same API calls for the same context, why not geo fence the API queries and let redis act as a remote storage for the results? That's what I asked my self in my undergoing bachelors project.

My Android app "Kontekst" (Norwegian for Context) will query data sources like YR and NILU – Norsk institutt for luftforskning.

The context of the user shold show data relevant for the user and the user should not have to wait for the same data delivered to other users in the same context. There is the dimension place (location) and there is time. Time doesent stand still even though the user does and after 10 minutes, the data is considered stale when it comes to air quality and the local weather situation.

Yet there are hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, even in the city of Bergen, Norway! So why not use the contexts and harvest the great powers of Redis?

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